Heroin Addiction

Speedballs: What’s It?

True joy arises when you live your best life instead of risking your life for a short high.

The comedians Chris Farley and John Belushi have died on them, as well as the musician Chris Kelly and the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

A speedball is considered one of the most dangerous drug combinations ever. It should offer an incredible high if you live long enough to experience it.

What are Speedballs?

Most people do not really know what a speedball is. A speedball is a mixture of cocaine and heroin taken from an injection. Some people snort instead of injecting the mixture, but this is not considered a real speedball. Sometimes morphine is used instead of heroin.

The theory behind a speedball is that cocaine suppresses the drowsiness associated with heroin, and heroin suppresses the anxiety and palpitations associated with cocaine.

Even if this sometimes works, it is an incomplete science with potential for error – especially deadly.

The Risks of Speedball Drugs

It's hard to know what makes Speedballs so dangerous. Because of the hazards, researchers can not recruit subjects for a drug combination research study. However, several theories have been proposed.

One theory is that the two drugs tend to dull each other's negative side effects. Therefore, it is easy for users to underestimate how tall they are. As a result, they can "reload" too soon and expose themselves to overdose.

Another theory is that the stimulant effects of heroin fade faster than the sedative effects of heroin. Respiratory depression often occurs when the full effects of heroin are felt without the counteracting effects of cocaine. This is called a delayed opioid overdose.

For whatever reason, speedballs can be deadly. By doing so, you are risking your life for a temporary climax. If you can dispense with the need to use drugs or alcohol, you will find that there is another way.

And this path is lined with the real, lasting joys of life.

Hope and Healing at Raleigh House

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