Heroin Addiction

Free heroin for addicts at Glasgow centre to chop drug deaths – The Instances

A location for the country's first Heroin Assisted Treatment Center in Glasgow has yet to be establishedAlamy

Addicts are provided with free heroin by NHS staff as part of a radical attempt to reduce the rapid number of drug-related deaths in Scotland.

Today, plans are announced for the country's first Heroin Assisted Treatment (HAT) center in Glasgow, where hundreds of people inject drugs.

Under the pilot project, people with long-term addiction problems will receive medical grade heroin twice or thrice daily under the supervision of qualified medical professionals.

The project was allowed to continue after the Department of the Interior granted the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership permission to release diamorphine, a pure form of the drug.

Last year, Scotland had a record 1,187 drug deaths, three times the British average.

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