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Lady discovered tied up in automotive was being taken to rehab, CHP says – Los Angeles Instances

. California Highway Patrol police officers rescued a 17-year-old girl who was bound and gagged in the back of a car on Monday evening. But in a bizarre twist, investigators later learned that her kidnappers were her father and sister, who were trying to take her to a drug rehabilitation center in Mexico.

A witness called 911 at around 7:00 p.m. On Monday, after discovering the teenager on the back of a 2014 Toyota Corolla on Interstate 5 south near the Orange County border, the CHP found him Speaker Kevin Smale.

Police officers who searched for the car on the highway found it and stopped it at around 7:20 p.m. Near Canon Road, Exit I-5, Smale said.

Investigators said the girl's 67-year-old father and 21-year-old daughter, both from San Juan Capistrano, kidnapped her, Smale said.

"It was the father and sister's intention to transport the adolescent to a drug therapy facility in Mexico," Smale said in a statement. "The 17-year-old woman admitted to consuming methamphetamine last year."

The officials took the 17-year-old into protective custody, said Smale.

It was unclear whether the father and sister had been arrested, but Smale said Highway Patrol officials had consulted with prosecutors and that "criminal charges are pending against adult family members."

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