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Teen Drug Use In the present day:  What 2019’s Ultimate Stats Present Us

As Americans, we know that our country is in trouble when it comes to substance abuse and addiction. If we have learned something about winning this war on drugs in the past ten years, we have learned that we are not winning. But we have not stopped trying, and millions of committed organizations and individuals are fighting every day to do what they can to save lives. Much of her focus is on drug use among teenagers today and finding ways to prevent overdose statistics among our teenagers. With this in mind, we need to look at what drugs are most abused by teenagers.

Most Abused Drugs Among Teenagers in 2019

When we think of teenage drug use today, we usually think of alcohol and marijuana first. While these substances were among the most commonly used by teenagers in 2019, surveys show that THC vaporization is the second largest increase in 45-year survey history. The National Institute on Substance Abuse interviewed teen vaping for the first time in 2019. These are some of the results of this survey:

Daily THC vaping:

0.8% of eighth graders
3.0% of tenth graders
3.5% of the 12th graders

THC vaping last month:

3.9% of eighth graders
12.5% ​​of tenth graders
14% of the 12th graders

When these teenagers were interviewed, their reasons for steaming were varied. For example:

60% wanted to experiment or see what it was like.
40% said it tasted good
38% said they wanted to have a good time
37% used it to relax or relieve stress
30% only wanted to get high
29% were bored
6% said they would use them to try to quit smoking.

Other abuse drugs among adolescents in 2019 were:

Marijuana (35%)
Alcohol (14.4%)
Adderall (3.9%)
LSD (3.6%)
Cocaine (2.2%)
MDMA (2.2%)
Oxygen content (1.7%)
Vicodin (1.1%)
Heroin (0.4%)

Adolescents are more susceptible to the effects of these drugs and many of them suffer permanent damage. As your brain is still developing, the chemicals in these substances can cause memory loss and cognitive decline. The damage changes a person's life by preventing them from realizing their full potential.

Teenagers and Drug Use Today: What Parents Can Do

No parent wants to watch their teen self-destruct with dangerous, addictive substances. In today's society, however, it will not be easy to get them out of the way. What effective measures can parents use to help their teenagers stay on the right track? Here are some examples:

Be aware of what children are experimenting with today. Know the street names and what it is.
Make sure your teen knows the terrible but real consequences of substance abuse.
Be active with your teenager in activities that are based on belief and in which they get positive group pressure.
Do not threaten your child with what you will do if she uses drugs. Many teenagers will use it just because they have been told that they cannot.
Avoid using marijuana or alcohol as "children who are just children".
Know who your teen is spending time with and where they're going.
Set a good example by not using illegal drugs yourself. When they see that you do, they think it is safe.
Teach your teen about drugs, their effects, and how to resist temptation.
Create an atmosphere of trust and respect in the home. Your teen needs to know that he or she can come to you with their problems.

If you have teenagers at home and would like more information about teenagers and drug use, contact Best Drug Rehabilitation. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to speak to you. If you know someone who is struggling with substance abuse, we can also help you by recommending a treatment program that is appropriate for your needs. Call us now and start the drug-free lifestyle you want and deserve.


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