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Ineffective drug rehab typically prices households hundreds – Becker’s Hospital Assessment

Anne-Marie Kommers

According to Vox, families in the United States pay thousands of dollars for addicts to participate in largely ineffective drug rehabilitation programs.

The rehab industry is largely unregulated, ineffective and expensive. Many families take money out of their retirement assets and college funds or go into debt to provide services. Patients get into a rehab cycle: they pay any amount for the first addiction treatment program that they can find and that usually offers little insurance coverage. However, the treatment has no aftercare and often does not last. Therefore, the patient looks for another treatment and starts the cycle again.

It is unclear whether the problem is due to the difficulty in treating drug use disorders or the US addiction treatment system. However, many programs do not offer evidence-based treatment. Most rely on Alcoholics Anonymous's 12-step approach, which has proven largely ineffective in treating drug addiction. Much of the program does not offer drugs that have been shown to alleviate opioid addiction, and some stigmatize medical treatment approaches.

Furthermore, people cannot find out whether or not they are participating in a good treatment program. None of the 4,000 CMS quality measures monitor addiction programs.

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