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Faribault Youth Investment and the Rice County Chemical and Mental Health Coalition recently awarded Gina Palan the Asset Champion Award in February 2020.

The Asset Champion Award is given monthly to a community member or organization that helps make Faribault. An even better place for young people.

Gina Palan is the factual and evidence technician from the Faribault Police Department. Part of Palan's job is to oversee the collection of prescription drugs known as Take It To The Box. The department was a founding partner of the collection efforts from the beginning of 2009.

In collaboration with the Northfield Police Department, the Rice County Sheriff's Office and the Rice County Chemical Health Coalition, TITTB was one of the state's first permanent drug withdrawal programs that were developed to treat drugs from young people keep.

Palan has been the main character for Faribault since the beginning of the program. She monitors the box daily and weighs the contents at least once a week. She keeps a record of the content and helped coordinate 66 trips to the incinerator for disposal with the Northfield Police Department and the Rice County Sheriff's Office. To date, 14,341 pounds of drugs have been collected in Faribault, contributing to a nationwide total of approximately 28,000 pounds – 14 tons.

Your work is essential to the project that helps keep drugs out of young people's Rice County.

“Gina does a great job with Take It to the Box. It is a daily task to empty the box, pack the medication and keep it for disposal. Said Captain Neal Pederson. "We believe that the crates have kept a significant amount of drugs off the street and possibly misused them over the past 10 years."

An asset champion is someone who helps build protective factors in young people's lives in India the Faribault area helps. FYI is the sponsor of this recognition program and is always happy to receive nominations from community members, young people or adults. You can find a nomination form at faribaultyouthinvestment.org/asset-champion-awards.

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