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Three charged with reckless murder in deadly Rib Mountain heroin overdose – Wausau Day by day Herald


From left: Jackie Loiselle, Joshua Huff and Mark Robinson Jr. (Photo: Courtesy of the marathon sheriff's office County)

WAUSAU – Three people are charged with ruthless murder charges after prosecutors sold a fatal dose of heroin to a 30-year-old man in October.

The Marathon County Prosecutor charged Joshua M. Huff, 39, Jackie L. Loiselle, 35, and Mark A. Robinson, 33 for ruthless first-degree murder and the delivery of heroin. Robinson is also charged with possession of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia, while Loiselle also faces two charges.

The sheriff's deputies replied to a house in Rib Mountain on October 10 after a mother and father found their son "passed out and not breathing" with a needle in his hand, according to a criminal complaint. First aiders tried to save the man, but he was already dead. The man's parents told the police that he had been fighting addiction for a few years, but shortly before his death he seemed to be doing well.

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The man met Loiselle on October 9 at The Store petrol station on Stewart Avenue in Wausau and, according to the complaint, bought heroin. Loiselle said she and Robinson got the heroin from Huff at the McDonalds on Stewart Avenue.

Robinson gave Loiselle $ 130 to get 1 gram of heroin from Huff; Loiselle then gave the medication to Robinson, who gave her some, the complaint says. Loiselle then sold 0.2 grams of this heroin to the man.

Huff told the police that he and Loiselle "sometimes help each other with drugs" and that "he and Loiselle were both low, but they knew people to get something for someone," the complaint said ,

This month, Marathon County Circuit judge Jill Falstad raised $ 75,000 in cash for Loiselle and Huff. Robinson hasn't appeared in court since Friday morning.

Both Huff and Robinson serve in the Dodge Correctional Institution. If Huff, Loiselle and Robinson are convicted of ruthless murder, they can face up to 40 years in prison.

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