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Discussion board: Working with the neighborhood to combat towards drug abuse – The Straits Instances

We thank Mr. Frank Singam for his letter (More can be done in the fight against the drug problem, January 30th) and his support for a drug-free Singapore.

Singapore's comprehensive and determined strategy in the fight against drugs has kept its drug situation well under control despite the deteriorating situation worldwide.

Preventive drug education is our first line of defense. The boys are particularly at risk. The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) works with people in positions of influence, such as parents, counselors and educators, to provide them with information and toolkits that can help them lead youth. We also have many anti-drug talks, skits and exhibitions to help them with their efforts.

The CNB actively uses social media platforms for our preventive educational efforts. For example, we regularly publish infographics and video clips that explain drug harm. Later this month, the National Council Against Drug Abuse will launch an interactive short film High, produced by local filmmaker Royston Tan. The film aims to involve teenagers in open discussions about drug abuse and its harmful realities.

The office also works with community groups. For example, the "Dadah Itu Haram" (or "drugs are prohibited") campaign has received strong support from the Malay Muslim community. The "Bothaiporulai Ethirthu Nirpom" (or "We Stand Against Drugs") campaign was recently launched to expand the reach within the Indian community.

The government also attaches great importance to the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Last year, the Home Office strengthened the rehabilitation regime to offer drug addicts more support to break the addiction cycle. Drug addicts who are not exposed to any other concurrent charges are now being directed to the drug rehabilitation center regime, where they will go through special programs, including psychological interventions, family reintegration, and professional skills and employability training to facilitate their rehabilitation and reintegration into Society.

The community is an important ally in our fight against the scourge of drugs. Together we will keep our homes, streets and communities drug free.

Sng Chern Hong

Director of the Communications Department

Central Narcotics Office

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