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Anthony James Shearer, 34, of Marshalltown, was arrested by the police on Tuesday and jailed for possession of a controlled substance – third or later crime.

Capt. Brian Batterson of the MPD said officials answered a call on February 15 for two attacks in which Shearer was one of several attackers.

Officers said the victim confirmed that Shearer was one of the people who attacked him first in his home and later in a vehicle.

The MPD was informed that Shearer was in a supermarket in Marshalltown on Tuesday, where he owned half a gram of marijuana.

The indictment is a class D crime and is punished with a maximum prison term of five years. A fine of at least $ 750 but no more than $ 7,500 can be imposed.

At his first appearance on Wednesday, a judge appointed him public defender and ordered Shearer to hold a $ 25,000 bond in cash only.

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