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Police chief says giving free heroin to addicts ‘might work’ in Barrow – NW Night Mail

"could work".
A chief of police said he would consider giving heroin addicts in Barrow for free.

The first British heroin clinic in Middlesbrough opened in October and its initial success prompted a key worker at The Well to suggest that a similar program could benefit Barrow.

Mark Murphy said, "This would be of great benefit to many who are addicted."

"I think this initiative will eliminate much of the crime and risk while offering an option to help addicts," he added.

The Middlesbrough Clinic offers a treatment in which users inject diamorphine in a controlled environment in the presence of medical professionals.

There is evidence that heroin-assisted treatment is far cheaper than monitoring addicts who use crime to pay for their drugs.

Barrow and Furness MP Simon Fell said a heroin clinic may be part of the Barrow drug crime solution.

Cumbria's Commissioner for Police and Crime, Peter McCall, has now spoken about the concept of "free heroin" spending.

Mr. McCall not only praised The Well's work, but also said that the heroin clinic in Middlesbrough has shown some positive results.

"There have been a variety of programs that have been trying to tackle drug addiction issues for many, many years," said McCall.

“The Middlesbrough program seems to be showing some positive results and I am excited to see how this will develop in the medium to long term.

"People will be aware that we take various measures to help people out of addiction, including referral to work with The Well in Barrow, where people with addiction help with their own" lived experience ".

“This has also brought some great results.

"It would be a mistake to think that there is a single answer to the complex problems of drug or alcohol addiction, and unfortunately there are no easy means, but I am convinced that we should be willing to learn from others' experiences. "

"If success shows up in the long run, we should consider broader application."

The Middlesbrough Clinic was financed by a rehab company and a prison group.

It costs £ 12,000 to have someone treated for a year. Treatment can only be performed by doctors who have a license that allows them to prescribe the medication.

The crimes of the 15 people who use the clinic are estimated to cost the police around £ 800,000 over two years.

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