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BATAVIA – An innovative program was created for Genesee County residents dealing with drug abuse disorders.

The Police Addiction and Recovery Initiative program is an effort that involves the Genesee County Health Department of the Genesee / Orleans Council, alcoholism and substance abuse, the GOW Opioid Task Force, and the police and public service departments Safety.

Nationwide efforts are to provide support and resources to assist law enforcement agencies in creating non-arrested ways of treatment and recovery. The police from Batavia and Le Roy, the sheriff's department of Genesee County and the fire department of the city of Batavia have registered to participate.

"We wholeheartedly believe in a multi-recovery approach and PAARI is an important component in this philosophy," said John Bennett, GCASA's Executive Director. "The commitment of local law enforcement agencies and now the Batavia City Fire Department to this program broadens the spectrum of access to services."

The City of Florida Fire Department is the first fire department in New York – and one of only one some in the nation – to register with PAARI.

Fire Department chief Stefano "Steve" Napolitano said he was proud to unite with the other Genesee County authorities already on the program.

"As We are informed firsthand about the opioid dilemma in our community," he said. “To solve this problem, we designed an entry point inside the fire department to provide a safe and non-judgmental place where a person could get help and intervention services. This, in turn, can prevent overdose death and increase the safety of response crews by providing a safe environment for support. "

Napolitano added that PAARI" is in line with our department's mission to provide life security services. Everything is in need, and hopefully our commitment will act as a catalyst for other fire departments to join. “

The foyer in the public entrance to the fire department on Evans Street was renovated with funds from the EU The Greater Rochester Health Foundation, a major sponsor of the GOW Opioid Task Force.

Shawn Heubusch, chief of police from Batavia, chair of the law enforcement group of the GOW Opioid Task Force, was instrumental in making the PAARI program a reality in Genesee County.

“The City of Batavia and the Batavia Police Department have taken a proactive approach to supporting the opioid epidemic by becoming part of the nationwide PAARI program. Said Heubusch. “In this way, people with substance abuse disorders can come to the police station at any time of the day and ask for help. We will then contact a peer support attorney without further questions and connect that person. "

He added that his department is" proud to do our part to contain the opioid crisis by giving the community members who are in need of services and by reducing the stigma of the Drug abuse. "

" It is important that the community knows that this program is here and that recovery is possible, "said Christen Ferraro, coordinator of the GOW Opioid Task Force. "On behalf of our hundreds of Task Force stakeholders, I would like to thank law enforcement agencies for participating in PAARI and other initiatives, and in particular the Greater Rochester Health Foundation for their continued support."

Ferraro noticed this colleague During the COVID-19 situation, attorneys are currently available to provide telephone and internet support, but normal personal interventions will need to be resumed if the conditions so require.

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