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Restoration Alliance Duluth providing digital providers for these fighting drug addiction – WDIO

Recovery Alliance Duluth is one of them. They have offered their free services in person to online and by phone to continue to support those who are dealing with drug abuse and addiction.

They say they want to continue to be an important and helpful resource for those who need them in the community.

"We focus on helping people who need to keep recovering. For some people, going beyond maintaining recovery. We interact to achieve a new recovery at this time," said Beth Elstad , the managing director of the Duluth Recovery Alliance.

Elstad said that the Recovery Alliance is Duluth Peer-Driven and has a non-clinical approach. It connects people looking for recovery with peers who have followed a similar path and have been trained through peer-to-peer recovery support. She says they are trying to be innovative in order to offer services to as many people as possible.

Elstad admitted that they spent a lot of time on the phone speaking to those in need of support and said they are grateful for the technology that enables them to continue to provide these services.

The organization can be reached by email at hello@recoveryallianceduluth.org, also on Facebook and by phone at 218-576-6005. @ Recoveryallianceduluth.org>

As soon as they can offer their services personally, they will do so at their new location in the Damiano Center.

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