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Coronavirus Pandemic Poses Challenges for These Struggling From Drug Addiction – NBC Chicago

The coronavirus pandemic particularly affected those participating in substance recovery programs across Illinois.

The state's order to stay at home has limited the amount of resources available and forced rehab facilities to limit who they can accept.

Some, such as the Banyan Treatment Center Chicago, director of
Operations Brad Gerke also fear that the risk of overdose has increased over time
the pandemic.

“Relapse has increased along with overdose deaths
I see first hand, ”said Gerke.

Gerke and his wife Jessica recover from addicts themselves
The greatest fear could develop, as many are in loneliness under Illinois. "
Order stay at home.

"Sitting in your own head is probably one of the most dangerous places," said Jessica Gerke. "So the isolation is really effective."

While the couple continues to help other addicts
Rest at the Banyan Treatment Center in Naperville, their operations have changed
when critical 12-step meetings were shifted from personal to virtual.

Other recovery facilities are forced to restrict admission and patients
Quarantine may be required while some centers are not accepting new patients

And even if an addict is admitted, many cannot afford treatment to become sober because they have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"People don't have the resources," said Brad Gerke. "So they will look for what they are used to, namely the use of drugs and alcohol to make them feel better."

Well, because of social distancing and isolation when one person
Overdoses, life-saving drugs to reverse the deadly effects of a drug could be administered
useless when there is no one to manage it.

The Gerke recommend that convalescents stay in touch with friends and relatives, keep emergency contacts at hand and try to follow a routine alone.

"One thing we know about people struggling with addiction is that they are obviously survivors," Jessica Gerke encouraged. "And we'll get through this."

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance
Abuse, please call the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and other substances
(833) -2FINDHELP.

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