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Ex-AFL coach Dean Laidley granted bail to attend rehab following stalking accusation – 9News

Former AFL player and trainer Dean Laidley was given a deposit for attending residential rehabilitation facility, and he is looking forward to the help he needs.

The former West Coast Eagles and North Melbourne player has been behind bars since May 2 when he was arrested on charges of alleging that he had persecuted a woman.

Dean Laidley shortly before retiring as a coach in North Melbourne in 2009. (The Age)

Former teammates, coaches, and club doctors wrote letters of reference for the 53-year-old employed. old who is struggling with longstanding psychological problems.

Laidley is accused of persecuting a woman with whom he is in a financial dispute over property.

He called her 43 times on May 2, the Melbourne police said to a magistrate's court today.

It is also alleged that he contacted their corporation and asked for CCTV material that the prosecutor said they were supposed to pursue.

Laidley's lawyer, Phil Dunn QC, said his client was fighting allegations that he had been involved in aggressive confrontations with the woman in the apartment complex, and suggested that CCTV recordings could be evidence of this used that she was not telling the truth about her interactions.

He applied for Laidley's release to a 24-hour rehabilitation clinic, where he was treated for years of problems such as gender-specific dysphoria and drug abuse.

James Brayshaw, President of North Melbourne, and Dean Laidley after Laidley quit as North Melbourne coach. (The Age)

"He's not a bad man. He needs help and is willing to accept it," said Dunn.

Former AFL coaches Mark Williams Guy McKenna and Denis Pagan wrote references for Laidley, as did his former teammates Brent Harvey and Wayne Schwass from North Melbourne and ex-club president James Brayshaw.

Mr. Dunn said Laidley had lived in Laidley. A structured football bubble for 30 years and problems have been creeping up since leaving AFL.

"This man here is now a very different person from those who knew him and knew him well," he said.

He said there were serious concerns about Laidley's mental health.

Former North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley. (Sebastian Costanzo, The Age)

The AFL Players Association will fund Laidley internal care at the facility, which provides 24-hour monitoring, drug testing and treatment.

An official said the police were concerned that Laidley would be offended when he was released.

He informed the court that Laidley had taken a number of photos of the property on which the applicant lived, and when he asked for CCTV footage, he had called and repeatedly their text messages sent.

After his arrest, the police found 0.3 grams of crystals in a plastic bag in a self-adhesive bra that Laidley was wearing, as well as loose crystals that are believed to be methamphetamine the officer.

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