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‘Cracking-up’ driver cited for drug abuse, passenger arrested for gun: Broadview Heights Police Blotter – cleveland.com


Substance Abuse, I-77: May 6 The police became suspicious after seeing an evasive red Kia that drove less than 45 mph on I-77.

The Kia, which had temporary tags, also had no rear license plate lighting. The driver, who did not notice that the license plate light was off, told the officer that he "laughed" with the passengers when he drifted out of the lane.

At that point, the officer smelled marijuana and learned that the driver had a suspended driver's license. The man admitted that he knew his license was suspended but was unsure how to solve the problem during the pandemic.

When asked about the smell, the driver said that there may be a cockroach in the center console. Then another officer observed a gun at the passenger's feet in the back seat.

The passenger was arrested. The officer said the gun had no bullets. However, there were two fully loaded magazines in the passenger pocket.

The passenger was arrested for having a disabled weapon, carrying a hidden weapon, and improperly handling a firearm in a vehicle.

The driver said the police could search the KIA. The officer found a bag of marijuana in his pocket and an open bottle of liquor.

The driver was led because of driving with an exposed driver's license, drug abuse, without lighting the rear license plate and without driving in marked lanes.

Vandalism, Amberwood Court: On May 6, a resident of Amberwood Court came to the police station to report that a strand of his Edison lightbulbs in the back yard had been destroyed.

The man told the officer that the light bulbs were attached to the deck. Apparently someone cut off all the $ 80 lightbulbs.

The resident said that not only did he not have surveillance cameras, but the lights were not visible to a neighbor's house.

There are no suspects. The police are investigating.

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