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Latest survey exhibits improve in substance abuse by Steuben teenagers – Hornell Night Tribune

BAD – Adolescent drug abuse in Steuben County shows increased consumption of illicit drugs among 8th and 10th grade students and an alarming increase in alcohol abuse, high-caffeine-containing energy drinks and the e-cigarette prevention coalition, according to the latest Steuben survey.

While seniors in the high school consumed less alcohol, marijuana and opioids, alcohol consumption among seniors – and students in the second year – is above the national average in the entire Steuben school system. Excess alcohol is defined as four or more drinks within two hours for girls and five or more for boys.

"The coalition is and has always been committed to reducing substance use among our youth in Steuben County and our goal is to enable them to grow up in drug-free communities," said coalition coordinator Colleen Banik In this current time of crisis, we are intensifying our efforts and developing "new" best practices to spread the important messages that these substances damage the development of our youth physically, mentally and emotionally. "

. to 10th and 12th grades in all school districts from October to November 2019 also shows alcohol and heroin and the use of e-cigarettes by students in all three grades is higher than the national average, while marijuana use by Steuben Eighth grade is higher than the national average.

The teenagers believe their peers and parents also disapprove of drug abuse, although seniors in high school said their friends were less likely to disapprove of marijuana use.

The coalition and its committees are currently working with several adolescents, youth groups and youth organizations to produce peer-to-peer video news that is used on both their social media platforms and other adult platforms should be.

And the survey serves a different purpose, she said.

"We want our communities to be aware of the number of adolescents reporting on the use of the substances," she said. "We also have to celebrate our youth who don't abuse substances."

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