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New program to assist households coping with substance abuse – WDTV

TAYLOR COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) – The WVU Center for Excellence in Disability works with Burlington United Methodist Family Services, WV Home Visitation Providers and Wheeling Hospital to create a new program called WV IMPACT.

The program aims to address the needs of children who are exposed to substances during pregnancy.

"How we're going to do that is a cross-generational approach that treats the entire family," said Tracie Murphy, a director of family services in Grafton.

With this approach, the program will help improve the health and well-being of children diagnosed with newborn abstinence syndrome (NAS), women who use or consume substances, and their families who use the services received from home visit programs.

"We make a lot of community contacts because we want to get involved as early as possible," said Murphy.

IMPACT is designed to create ways to contribute to healthy development and to help families as a whole to work independently and successfully.

For those who believe they need help, fill out a form and have the following qualifications:

– Have a child who has been diagnosed with NAS or is exposed to substances in the uterus.

– Be an active customer in a home visit program.

– Live in the counties of Marion, Harrison or Preston.

From there, Murphy said that they would help program participants take advantage of the services they had already received and meet customers' needs.

"It is no secret that West Virginia has the highest rate of substance use disorders at this time," Murphy said. "I always had a heart for it," she said. "It hit every one of us somehow."

Therefore, she works to be a leader in this program to help others.

For more information on using WV IMPACT, contact Murphy by email (tmurphy@bumfs.org) or by phone (304-614-0888).

This is a study and participation is voluntary. This does not affect services that you already receive. The WVU CED is funding the project.

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