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After her son's two almost fatal overdoses, a Snohomish County mother tries to arm others with the resources she never had.

SEATTLE – Yvette Olson knows better. She saw her son go through this before.

This time she hopes that he will finally give up heroin habit.

"He's done it before," said Olson. "He had 18 months [of sobriety] and I think he can do it again."

It took two overdoses for her son to be treated last. For him, it is not the desire to stop using it, but the ability.

"It is so important that everyone around us opens our eyes," she said. "Not just to know what other people are going through, but what to do if they become."

KING 5 first introduced you to Yvette in January when you found out that your son was having problems.

Today, Olson compiles a list of resources for other parents who are in a similar situation. When she first learned that her teenage son was trying heroin, she didn't know where to go.

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In the midst of our opioid epidemic, the number of heroin treatments has more than doubled to about 3,400 in the past seven years, according to a study at the University of Washington.

There is still a lot to do in King County. Recovery helpline calls decreased from 1,702 in 2015 to 1,337 in 2017.

Parents like Olson say they can never lose hope.

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