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Ex-AFL coach Laidley extends rehab keep – Bombala Instances

Former AFL player and trainer Dean Laidley has had his rehab stay extended by a Melbourne court.

The 53-year-old premier player was released on bail last month after being charged with stalking and drugs.

A judge ordered that he should spend 28 days in a rehabilitation facility in Geelong before moving to temporary accommodation, but his lawyer asked extended this on Tuesday.

Rob Stary said Laidley needed another week to 10 days in the first phase of the rehabilitation center before spending a few months in a Melbourne temporary facility.

Laidley is accused of being threatening and persecutes a woman over a financial dispute.

It is believed that he took pictures of an apartment where the woman lived and that he asked the corporation for CCTV material.

The police also claim that they were founded d 0.43 g of crystals, presumably methamphetamine, in a self-adhesive bra that Laidley was wearing when he was arrested.

Mr. Stary told judge Kieran Gilligan that he expected Laidley to plead guilty to some charges.

"There is only one discussion that we still have to have – we expect everything to be resolved," he said.

His case was adjourned until December 14.

The AFL Players The association finances Laidley's internal care in the treatment facility, which provides 24-hour monitoring, drug testing, and treatment.

Former coaches Mark Williams, Guy McKenna and Denis Pagan wrote references for Laidley, as did his former teammates from North Melbourne, Brent Harvey and Wayne Schwass and ex-club president James Brayshaw.

"This man here is now a very different person from those who knew and knew him well," said his lawyer Phil Dunn last month.

He said Laidley's men have had some health Bad time since he left his soccer bubble.

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