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Drug Abuse Tools: Elm Road

Officials at 6:53 p.m. June 4 replied to Elm Road regarding a man and woman who went from farm to farm and acted suspiciously.

Officials approached the couple and said they had received complaints. The man told the officials that he asked the residents if he could paint their addresses on the curb for a donation. He said he was raising money for his son's baseball team. Officials advised him that he needed a city permit to request services.

Officials learned that the woman had an active arrest warrant for her from the Belmont County Sheriff's Office because she had not appeared on drug abuse tools and dangerous drug charges.

The police ransacked the woman's book bag and fetched 10 syringes, a plastic straw, a burned metal spoon, a paper clip, a glass pipe, two makeshift tourniquets, two plastic bags suspected of drug residues, and four suboxone films (for treating opioid addiction) and three white pills that, according to a police report, were not immediately identified. The woman admitted the bag and the contents belonged to her. The police accused her of possessing drug abuse instruments and the pills were sent to a laboratory for analysis. It is also about to be delivered to Belmont County.

The man had warrants from North Olmsted for driving under suspension and not appearing on DUS charges. He was released at his own discretion and was given a new trial date.

Small theft: Great Northern Mall

The police responded at 2:47 p.m. June 3 in Dillard's department store for a suspected male shoplifter who was in custody.

An off-duty security officer at Dillard reported that she had discovered the suspect who was hiding a $ 95 bottle of men's cologne and a $ 39.50 shirt in a pocket. The off-duty officer stopped the suspect outside the fragrance department and, according to a police report, took him to the security office, where the goods were recovered.

The suspect is charged with minor theft.

Misbehavior: Lorain Road

Police at 10:15 p.m. June 3 went to Kensington Court Apartments over a complaint that a woman was harassing people in the parking lot of the apartment building.

The police approached a woman in the parking lot who matched the description of a caller, but the woman declined to tell the police what happened or why someone complained about their behavior. She told the police that she didn't have a license, didn't know her social security number, and didn't have a name. Officers noticed a strong smell of an alcoholic drink while talking to her. She also blurred her speech and had bloodshot eyes, according to a police report.

The woman got up, grabbed two cans of beer and said, "I'm just going in now." The police told the woman that she could not go until they found out her identity, but she went further away and asked an officer to take her right arm and handcuff her.

The police accused the woman of disorderly behavior while she was drunk. At the police station, the woman continued to refuse to identify herself and started laughing. A dispatcher on the station recognized the woman from an earlier arrest and identified her with officials.

The police added a personal information indictment, an offense.

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