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Joe Wicks says his father’s heroin addiction modified his life – Peeblesshire Information

Joe Wicks said that his father's heroin addiction changed his life.

The Body Coach Who Became Famous During the suspension, thanks to his online physical education class, he discussed the problems he faced in his childhood with the BBC Radio 4 Desert Island discs.

He said it meant seeing the effects of drugs on his father while he was growing up. He was never tempted to try them out himself.

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"I didn't get close to it because of my father's life," he told the program.

“I was afraid of it and got into exercise and fitness, and so his mistake changed my life. "

His father's addiction was caused by a" childhood trauma, "he added.

“I just don't regret anything I've been through or what I've been through with my mother and father. I'm just proud of who I am, ”he said 459002]

Wicks also got emotional when he remembered a time when he told someone at school that he hated his father.

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"I only said that once, I never really admitted that to my father, but it was just a reaction and I felt so bad because I didn't hate my father, I hated what drugs did to him and my family, ”he said.

"It was an angry thought and I assume I let him out and immediately felt bad and I remember I just thought: 'What a terrible thing to say about your father & # 39 ;. “

He said that he was not an unhappy person, a child and only“ crazy ”with things and added:“ It was everything I knew. ”

“ Er had times when he had a relapse, but today he's clean and that's the most important thing, but when I was I found it difficult when I was a teenager.

"I didn't understand, I was angry, but now as an adult I understand. I have more empathy. “

Desert Island Discs is on Sunday at 11am on BBC Radio 4 and on BBC Sounds.

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